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Create an employer profile

Employers can use Intalex to post jobs and access thousands of validated candidates through an aggregated global supply chain of recruiters.

create a recruiter profile

Create a recruiter profile

Create a full company profile and post unlimited jobs and
candidates or an Individual recruiter profile for unlimited
candidate submissions against thousands of validated jobs.

Post jobs, candidates or both

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candidates or both.

Once you are registered you can post either jobs, candidates or both

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Watch as other members submit jobs
and candidates against your postings.



Actively search for candidates and jobs
yourself on the Intalex network.



Sit back and relax while the system
suggests candidates and jobs for you.

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You will be alerted when
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✔ Tap into thousands of validated, real and qualified candidates.

✔ Reduce cost per hire and improve time to hire.

✔ Move from last in time to first in time recruitment.

Recruitment Company

✔ Access thousands of new jobs and new candidates.

✔ Make more placements and develop a new revenue stream.

✔ Certified membership of a private and ring-fenced marketplace.

Individual Recruiter

✔ Get noticed. Intalex turns good recruiters into great recruiters and great recruiters get noticed.

✔ Uncapped revenue opportunities.

✔ Directly access those employers you could never reach before.

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