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Single point access to a fully qualified global talent pool

Intalex aggregates thousands of recruiters and recruitment companies to form a global supply chain which delivers talent through a single point of access.

Private and exclusive global marketplace
private and exclusive global marketplace

Time to hire is reduced

By offering you access to a global 24/7 talent supply chain, we ensure that your demand for talent is fulfilled first in time as opposed to last in time.

Cost per hire is reduced

The employer sets a price point on the Intalex exchange for every vacancy posted. The network of recruiters then submits candidates against that price point or bid higher and lower against each other so the employer gets best value for money and the recruiter gets a placement.

private and exclusive global marketplace
private and exclusive global marketplace

Improved applicant quality

The Intalex exchange only sends a push notification to the employer when a recruiter submission or system auto-match identifies a candidate with more than 80% match probability. No time is wasted sifting through candidate details as the employer only engages when alerted to the right type of candidates.

Regulated & controlled

By providing a secure, regulated and compliance driven trading platform, Intalex ensures that you only trade with partners that have been extensively vetted and that you can fully trust, providing you with the assurance and confidence to trade globally with other members.

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