Data Protection Policy

Data Protection is about your fundamental right to privacy and your right to access and correct data about yourself. The information below outlines Intalex's policy to help ensure that we comply with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 that govern the collection,processing, retention, use and disclosure of information relating to individuals.

Data Protection Principles

Intalex shall perform its responsibilities under the Data Protection Acts in accordance with eight Data Protection principles. They are:

  1. Obtain and process information fairly
  2. Keep it only for specified, explicit and lawful purposes
  3. Use and disclose data only in ways compatible with these purposes
  4. Keep data safe and secure
  5. Keep data accurate, complete and up-to-date
  6. Ensure that data is adequate, relevant and not excessive
  7. Retain data for no longer than necessary for the purpose(s) for which it is acquired
  8. Give a copy of his/ her personal data to the relevant individual company, on request


Intalex requires all employees to comply with the Data Protection Policy. Failure to do so, e.g. unauthorised, inappropriate or excessive disclosure of or obtaining information about individuals, will be regarded as a breach of this policy and will be dealt with in accordance with Intalex's Disciplinary Policy. If an employee is in a position to deal with personal information about other employees, he or she will be given separate guidance on his or her obligations, and must ask if he or she is unsure.

We collect and use information to provide the following services:

  • To enhance or improve user experiences on our website
  • To establish and maintain relevant connections between our users

Queries with regard to Data Protection andPrivacy can be addressed to

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