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Gunning Down the Talent Poachers

It #39;s normal to look at a rival #39;s workforce and pinpoint those who could help your business advance. Is it right to go in and coax - or just outright steal - them away? The poaching of a highly talented member of staff can be very... READ MORE

Attracting The Best

If you ask people where they would love to work, they #39;ll often say Google, Amazon, Twitter and all the rest. How have these companies made themselves so attractive to prospective employees? How can you foster this image for your own com... READ MORE

Top Five Global Recruitment Trends of 2014

Thanks to the internet and efficient, reasonably-priced air travel, global recruitment is the curse and blessing of our times. THE OVERSEAS CAREER EXPLOSION Why are so many people moving abroad for their careers? According to a 2014 s... READ MORE

What does 'a great office environment' mean to you?

Are your colleagues in the open-plan office too loud? Maybe your desk is too messy? Is your boss always looking over your shoulder as you struggle with outdated technology? Office managers, take note: your staff need your help. Ke... READ MORE

What is Talent?

HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES? You want to be respected, trusted, invested in, promoted. What you really want, what it boils down to here is just this: So what is talent? How do you get it? If you think about it, talent is much more... READ MORE

The Disastrous Effects of a Bad Hire

It's always better to get something right the first time, and that includes hiring. Botching it up, as we know, can be very costly for your company and can result in a lot of lost revenue for agencies that are struggling to make replaceme... READ MORE

The Recruitment Industry In 10 Years

Earlier today while browsing the @Intalex_com (Follow us!) twitter feed I came across an interesting cartoon posted by @andyheadworth (Follow him too!). The contents of which are self-explanatory, adapt or die! As a company who exists to he... READ MORE

How Do You Keep Your Staff?

Unhappy employees tend to go running to your competitors if they get a better offer from them. It #39;s not rocket science. After all, hiring talented employees is just the beginning of creating a tough workforce: it #39;s pretty obvious... READ MORE

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