What does 'a great office environment' mean to you?

Are your colleagues in the open-plan office too loud? Maybe your desk is too messy? Is your boss always looking over your shoulder as you struggle with outdated technology?

office environment

Office managers, take note: your staff need your help.

Keep it simple

An office that your staff like or even love to be in goes a long way to making them feel valued and comfortable, both of which add up to productivity and success.

There are proven benefits of having a staff-friendly office, including

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased staff retention
  • Increased employee morale
  • Increased sales!

Who wouldn't want these things for their company? Nobody in their right minds.

Cut the clutter

Your mother always said that an untidy room was an untidy mind, and she might have had a point (sorry!). An excess of junk in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information: there's just too much stuff to see! Physical clutter works on your brain in much the same way as multitasking.

Incidentally, that goes the same for digital clutter - all those unordered corporate files dumped haphazardly on the hard drives, all those notifications and pings, Twitter updates, Facebook messages...all of this just clogs up your brain. If it does this to you as a person, imagine what it does to your staff in an office environment! Productivity and less stress only happen when physical clutter and digital clutter go.

What do people really want?

Workplace provider Regus has helpfully done some research on what it is employees really want.

Businesses may think - fancy ergonomics, a foosball table...but you know what office workers really want?According to Regus, it's natural light! A whopping 57% of respondents had it listed.


Light and plants go hand in hand. Humans are evolved animals, after all. Hunched over desks under flickering fluorescents isn't our natural environment. The presence of plants can reduce stress, limit minor sicknesses within the office (because they purify the air!) and improve concentration and productivity.

The Little Things

People love their creature comforts, but don't worry if you're strapped for cash. It's the little things that can make the most difference.

Things that crop up again and again include -

  • Great coffee and lovely tea
  • Personally appreciating people's work (even little post its work wonders)
  • Comfortable chairs - backache be gone!
  • Good tools - still working with Windows Vista? Yeah, right.

Remember that creating a happy work environment begins with listening to what your employees value. You might be surprised. Check out these 10 companies who made the greatest jumps in employee happiness. What are they doing differently?

What makes you happy at work? What would you love to see changed?

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