Top Five Global Recruitment Trends of 2014

Thanks to the internet and efficient, reasonably-priced air travel, global recruitment is the curse and blessing of our times.


Why are so many people moving abroad for their careers? According to a 2014 survey, 25% of professionals said that moving abroad actually improved their career prospects, as compared to only 17% in 2010.

A massive 71% said that employers valued their international experience (compared to 63% in 2010).

And it's not all just work - one of the main reasons for the global recruitment boom lies in a better lifestyle for the employee and their family. 98% recommend working abroad to their peers.



The trends are showing that there are a handful of recruitment opportunities coming up time and again for this year.

  1. The competition for top talent is heating up.
  2. Employer branding is the only evergreen recruiting strategy (link to "attracting the best" article)
  3. Accepting social media profiles as CVs. Have you ever applied for a job with your LinkedIn profile? So have many, many other people. There's a reason that articles such as Your Visibility On LinkedIn: What You Need To Know and How to Lose Jobs And Alienate People On LinkedIn suddenly seem to be everywhere these days. Even on Buzzfeed. Seriously
  4. Live video interviewing is continuing to trend upwards. No need to fly people over just to interview them for a job you might not hire them for!
  5. Employee referral programmes are here to stay. Does your new programming lead have a friend from their country who's just as great as her that they can recommend to your company?

What have you noticed going on in the global front in your industry? Share any insights in the comments below!

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