Split Fee Trading

Intalex is a global private member platform that allows recruiters to trade directly with each other on a split fee basis and also provides direct access to thousands of major employers all over the world.

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Through online collaboration and trading recruiters can address the global mismatch of talent supply and demand.

Intalex decreases time, costs and difficulties associated with international recruitment and efficiently creates additional revenue streams.

The Global Map
The Global Map


As a certified Intalex member you will have access to thousands of pre-screened and available candidates from other members, as well as access to their job vacancies, presenting you with new placement opportunities and additional revenue.

By entering your candidates key skills and key job criteria you are provided with auto matches allowing you to engage with the other representative agent’s in real time.

As a member, you will be able to search the Intalex portal by candidate, job, agency, skill or location meaning you have access to place or find a candidate from a global marketplace.

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