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International Talent Exchange

Key Benefits


Employer to Recruiter

Employers work directly with recruitment companies, anywhere in the world to access new sources of talent through an aggregated global supply chain of recruiters which is vetted and regulated. Intalex reduces your time to hire , through our unique auto matching technology ensuring that you acquire the talent you need "first in time" as opposed to "last in time". As our platform is live and dynamic, we have partners that are sourcing for you globally, ensuring that your requirements are being delivered on 24/7. By trading with recruitment members on our platform, reduce your costs of recruitment by setting the price you wish to pay.


Recruiter 2 Recruiter

Recruiters work directly with other Recruiters, anywhere in the world, to access new revenue streams and generate additional commissions by dealing with each other in a new, private and digitally enabled global marketplace.


Make more or spend less while you sleep

Simply upload your anonymous candidate details and any job vacancies you might have and let Intalex do the rest. The system will work for you while you sleep by using it's auto-match software to push you live jobs suited to your candidates and live candidates suited to your jobs.


Certified Membership

Our team of experienced analysts check and verify the legal & bona fide credentials of every company that joins Intalex. We perform due diligence using industry leading real-time corporate data sources in order to give Intalex and it's members comfort around the commercial integrity of every member. All certified members carry the "certified by Intalex badge" which details the due diligence we have performed. Other Intalex members can gain counterparty comfort by reviewing the details on your certification badge.


Private Marketplace & Private Network

The marketplace is ring-fenced and accessible only to Intalex certified members. Our members can build bespoke networks to exchange with as many other members as desired or maintain a private network within the site to trade only with sister or related firms.


International Talent Mobility

The platform works both in-country or across international borders and enables Recruiters find and move in-demand talent from skill-rich regions to markets with talent deficits resulting in more placements & additional revenue for recruiters and more on-time hires for employers and reduced costs.

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